Driving On a Suspended License

When you’re convicted of driving under the influence or driving while drunk (DUI/DWI), among many penalties which a country can issue is a permit suspension. Typically, for the first DUI conviction, you’ll have your license suspended for no more than six weeks. For subsequent convictions, you might be stripped from your driver’s license for a year or even longer. In such case you should consult the driving on a suspended license attorney.

Many Men and Women rely upon a car as their Main way of transportation. A suspended permit can restrict an individual’s freedom and make it hard to commute to work or see family members and friends. Even though this can appear to be an unreasonable hardship, it’s much better to create other driving structures, like taking the bus or carpooling, than to risk being pulled over with no legal permit. If you’re caught driving with a suspended permit in the DUI/DWI, you risk being penalized further.

Suspended License Violation Penalties

Each Nation has its own penalties for motorists that are caught without a valid permit, but the majority of states will expand the length of the suspension and smack the offender having a hefty fine. Under Rhode Island law, penalties for driving on a suspended permit are as follows:

  • First offense: 3 weeks extra suspension + $500 good + at least 10 times in prison
  • Second offense: 6 weeks extra suspension + $500 good + 6 weeks to 1 year in prison
  • next offense: Felony cost + One year extra suspension + $1000 good + at least 1 year in prison

Dealing with Your License Suspension

Certainly, Suspended permit offenses are taken seriously and may add weeks to your initial penalty, and of course the extra hefty fines. It’s ideal not to risk being caught without a legal permit. In case you’ve been convicted of a DUI and penalized with a permit suspension, think about using one of the numbers of different modes of transport that is available to you.

If you’re traveling within a few miles, then consider biking or walking to your destination, or look up a suitable bus route. You could realize that you’re ready to save hundreds and possibly even thousands of dollars that otherwise could be spent on gasoline.

In case you have been detained for driving with a suspended license, you face the possibility of prolonged suspension, fines, and jail time. Consider consulting a DUI defense Attorney immediately to examine the choices which are available for you so you are able to recover your permit.