How two-wheeler company in India advises motorbike owner to maintain their bike

For the novice, cleaning your two-wheeler may sound like an easy step. The two-step affair you may consider efficient may end up damaging other parts. How you do the cleaning is critical. Do it wrong, you will destroy your motorcycle pain or rust (the worst nightmare for any bike owner). If you have cleaned a car before, you do know that all that is needed is to wash the body and glass. Nevertheless, two-wheelers are different because the cleaning follows a more tricky process. Unlike cars, two-wheelers have creases, corners, switchgear, and cables unconcealed. In addition to this, some bikes have gearbox, engine, and chain on display. All of these items mentioned require proper cleaning.


Most people don’t know there is a perfect spot for washing their motorcycle. A well-cemented or tiled surface is ideal. You should avoid soil or anywhere that will give your bike a mud.


Get a pack of microfiber towels or regular clean soft cloths. Have at least four to be on the safe side, two for the engine, wheels and other mechanical parts when wet/dry, and two for the tank and other bodywork when wet/dry. This is done to avoid swirl marks and scratches on the bodywork. Having additional rags on hand would also come in handy to clean greasy parts like the forks, underside of the engine and the chain cover.

Don’t make it rain

Because you have control of the rain doesn’t mean you must bring it down whenever you want. If you have a pressurized air washer, ensure to regulate it to its lower setting before using it. The right process is to wet the bike from top to bottom while avoiding direct contact with mechanical and electrical spots.

Keep the fuel in the tank

When washing your motorcycle, don’t make the mistake of using detergent meant for your kitchen utensil because they contain harmful chemicals, which can weaken the paint. Importantly, two-wheeler Company has indicated that most Indians use diesel to clean their bike. In as much as the job is completed quickly, it does damages the paint of the bike over time. Therefore, you can patronize automatic shampoos no matter the circumstance or situation.

Do a complete job

It is essential to perform a proper cleaning of your motorcycle. There are no two ways of cleaning your motorcycle in a complete way. Each corner must be cleaned thoroughly. Areas along the fuel system and engine might not be easy to reach; however, using a simple toothbrush can work the magic. It may be a tedious task to clean each spoke on your motorcycle but it is extremely rewarding at the end.

Bone dry

After washing, you may want to dry it immediately. Well, you can use a clean cloth and begin with the bodywork before moving to other areas. Ensure to use a separate cloth for the mechanicals and the bodywork. Considering the circumstance that most bikers don’t have pressured-air, the best solution is to take a quick spin after washing on a clean road. This will dry all the creases and corners of your bike.

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