Classic electric Mini

Virtually every car manufacturer is looking at electrification for their cars; with stricter regulations on their way, it’s the only sensible choice. So, at the 2018 New York Motor Show, what did you expect to see? It might have been an electric Mini, but certainly not an old one!

This isn’t a car you’ll actually be able to buy, it was BMW’s way of demonstrating they’re still committed to Mini’s original styling. Overall, despite the electric motor, the car is completely standard and restored perfectly; unless you lifted the bonnet, you’d never know it was an eco-warrior!

BMW released the car with very few figures, so we’re in the dark about pretty much every figure, the only thing they have said is the driving characteristics ‘remain true to the brand’ and the spontaneous power gives even more of a go-kart feeling to the little red hatchback. BMW have dubbed the classic as ‘a sympathetic ambassador for environmental awareness.’

According to BMW, it has a range of about 65 miles with a top speed of 75mph. While this may not be ground breaking the EV world, it tips the scales at just 770kg, not much more than the standard car it’s based on. There are 30 lithium phosphate batteries that take around 4 hours to charge with a regular socket; that’s not mega-quick, but it’s not woeful.

This project obviously wasn’t just for fun, Mini are trying to gain awareness for their electric push and electric powered future, while it has done this, it’s also created a huge demand for a production run, even a small batch! If Jaguar-Land Rover can recommission Defenders, why can’t BMW do it with their cars?

Everyone loves a classic car, you may never dream of owning one, but seeing a car from your childhood is always a great moment. By reimagining the classic Mini, BMW have future-proofed it, this should help keep the public focused on cool, classic cars!

“I don’t think there is anyone in my family over the age of 40 who didn’t own one of these! They may have been common, but they were very good none the less. They always had so much potential, how many other cars can boast about being a great commuter and an excellent rally car too? Connie Miller, Emerald House of Cars.