DAS and CBT Training

If you need a mode of transportation that makes it easy to get thorough traffic jams, is affordable and fun then you should think about joining the millions of motorcycle riders. But just like driving a car, there are certain skills and qualifications needed to safely and legally ride a bike on the roads of the UK. You will be required to take and pass basic training programmes, such as DAS training short for (Direct Access Scheme) and CBT, or compulsory basic training. Both of these will allow you to become familiar with regulations and rules of the road that all riders need to know.

DAS Training

Anyone who is at least 24 years old and who needs an unrestricted and full licence should be looking at DAS training. However, if you have had a A2 motorbike licence for over two years, and are on the progressive access route, you can potentially take DAS training if you are younger than 24. If this applies to you, you would be taking the test on an unrestricted and larger size motorbike. You need to demonstrate that you can confidently and safely ride a motorcycle and that you have taken CBT training, if you don’t have your A2 licence.

You need to take the test on a scooter or motorcycle with a minimum power output of 595 cc but no more than 40 kw. If your goal is to be able to safely ride both a manual and an automatic bike, it’s recommended that you take the test on a manual bike; that way you can ride both types of bike. You are given an unrestricted motorcycle licence when you pass your DAS test, meaning you can ride any bike, carry a passenger and ride on the motorway.

Finding a Training School

If you really want to fully explore the wonderful world of motorbike riding, DAS training makes the ideal way to go. There are plenty of schools offering good training programmes and many offer both CBT and DAS training to get you on the road as quickly as possible.