Dock Square Parking Garage Provides Airport Car Parking Options

Some travelers are still not responsive that there is a cheaper substitute to parking on airport when traveling overseas.

On Airport Parking 

All airports in Boston MA provide two types of car parking, explicitly long and short stay parking. Short stay parking is generally used by drivers collecting or dropping off passengers or by passengers returning the similar day. Using the short stay car park for any longer than a day is significantly pricier and can come as quite a surprise with the short stay costing approximately twice the cost of long stay. When utilizing the airport long stay a bus will usually take you to the essential terminal.

Pre-Booked or turn price or gate price 

Whether you are using an on airport or off airport car park car parking pre-booked with Dock Square Parking Garage is generally a lot less costly and pre-booking is always optional.

Off Airport Parking                                                       

For many years, the only alternative open to travelers was to park at the airport and this led to high parking expenditure. Due to this high pricing, off airport car parks saw a business-related opportunity to set up car parks close to the airport and provide free transfers to the airport. Off airport operators not only produced an optional parking option but also a more economical pricing structure. Whilst some consumers will always use the airport more cost aware travelers tend to use off airport car parks and from time to time of high demand off airport car parks will fill up first with travellers left with no substitute but to use the airport.

Chauffeur Parking 

This is the most costly car parking alternative and the easiest and is used predominantly by business travelers where time is of the fundamental nature. Usually, you are met a pre-arranged drop off point or at the terminal your car is then driven to a safe and sound car park. Upon your return your car will be waiting for you outside arrivals.

Meet and greet parking in Dock Square Parking Garage is the most stress-free parking alternative for business personals.

You just call your parking company and make plans for a time to meet. On the day to fly you just drive you car to airport and give away your car keys at the meeting point. He will take your vehicle to secure parking point and will bring it back when you return from your journey. This is the most costly sort of car parking but it saves a lot of time and is the worry free parking.

Most of the parking companies necessitate you to leave your car keys while you leave so they can move your car if required. Some companies like Dock Square Parking Garage make a protected car parking while you check-in. Apart from these off-site and on-site airport parking alternatives one thing that is obligatory to save precious money and time is to pre-book your parking place so you guarantee a hassle free arrival and  departure.