Jeffrey Breault – How Do Professional Drivers Race Cars

Automotive racing is fun and thrilling. However, racing a car is not the same as driving a car. Professional drivers need to keep specific things in mind when they participate in car racing tournaments. They need to be aware and trained in the circuit out of which knowledge of the racing line is very crucial. The racing line is that part of the circuit that is the fastest. It is the corner or the arc on the racing circuit. The driver needs to know about how severe the corner is and how long the straight path is after the arc with the details of the car that is being driven.

Jeffrey Breault – passionate car racing enthusiast in the USA

Jeffrey Breault is the Vice President of the Carey, Thomas, Hoover & Breault brokerage firm in Wichita. He is extremely fond of cars and automotive racing. He loves listening to country music in his spare time besides attending automotive racing events. He is not only passionate about car racing, but he has deep knowledge in the field as well. He says that in racing tournaments the goal of the professional driver is to carry optimal speed in the zone where the brakes should be applied along the corner and to the next straight road.

Know the technical terms of automotive racing

Jeff Breault says when it comes to automotive racing, one must be aware of the technical terms on the circuit.  The major terms one should know are the turn in points, exit point, clipping or apex point and the braking point. The professional driver needs to brake to the car’s maximum capacity at the braking point. From there, the driver moves his vision to the apex point. The car needs to be turned in at the turn in point. The perfect racing line is considered to be its apex. The driver should start to introduce the accelerator, and the steering should be opened at the exit point of the corner of the racing circuit.

Differences in the racing lines

Professional drivers should always be aware of the fact that not all racing lines are the same. Some may be smooth while some may have bumps. However, experts in the field say that faster the corner, the less one is able to accelerate on the straight path that follows. Drivers have to always focus on the exit speed of the car when they are participating in the tournament. Professional drivers are always trained in the latest technologies in racing cars so that they can improve their automobile racing skills when they are live in action. Another important, technique professional car racing drivers should work and improve on is a good vision. With proper vision, they can be proactive and perform well in the race.

Jeffrey Breault has a passionate interest in cars as well, and he is always aware of the latest models that come into the market. He likes to be informed about the latest automobile technologies when it comes to both regular cars and professional racing cars!