What to Do When the ABS Light Comes On

Vehicles manufactured today are usually equipped with standard Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS). TheseĀ ABS systems are handy when it comes to stopping the front wheel drive vehicles. The ABS system, like most other systems in an automobile, can malfunction. There are many things that can go wrong with the ABS system.

When the ABS light comes on, there are only one of two options we have. Our first option is to find a mechanic to look into the issue. The mechanic can be found at a dealership that manufactures the vehicle make you are driving. Also, there are many aftermarket mechanics available.

A mechanic will charge you between fifty and one-hundred dollars to look at your automobile. The mechanic will hook the vehicle to his or her machine. The machine will talk to your vehicle. This machine will specifically talk to the ABS system and troubleshoot the error code the computer is sending off about the ABS system. When the machine gives out the error code, you will know exactly what is wrong with the ABS system of your vehicle.

After analyzing the computer error code your vehicle is giving off, the mechanic will give you the printout on the error code. He or she will sit down with you and discuss the issues with your ABS system. Afterwards, the mechanic will give you a written estimate for the repairs that will need to be done with your vehicle.

However, there are some people who would prefer to do their own investigation on what to do when ABS Warning Light is on. In doing their own investigation into the issues, a person will be manually checking all the components of the brake system. This will take several hours. The first component of the ABS system to check is the fuse for the system.

When the ABS light is on, it is usually a warning there is a potential and serious malfunctioning of the system. This could lead to system failure. The ABS system is a system that allows us to stop suddenly without the fear of skidding and sliding out of control. Usually, the ABS light will be on by itself.

When the ABS light is on by itself, with no otherĀ braking lights, it is generally safe to drive the vehicle to the mechanic. However, if there are other braking lights on with the ABS light, this could mean a serious issue with the braking system all together. In the case when there is more than just the ABS light on, and there are other braking lights on, it will not be safe to drive the vehicle to the mechanic.

However, despite the ABS light being on, there are a few simple tests one can run without needing a mechanic. These tests are to pull over safely to the side of the road and put the vehicle in park. Turn off the ignition. Wait a few moments. Then turn on the ignition. This is similar to rebooting your computer at home. The light should stay off.